The NBI® Thinking Preference Assessments are a powerful suite of neurosciencebased psychological assessments. Based on modern insights from the fields of neuroscience, creativity and psychology, the assessments help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations unlock their full potential. The NBI® framework provides insights into left hemisphere (local processing), right hemisphere (global processing), cognitive and affective types of thinking. Such insights can lead to enhancement in the areas of social-emotional intelligence, self-awareness, creativity, leadership, communication, team performance, presentations, conflict resolution and more

The NBI® is world renowned practiced in over 50 countries and has been utilized in major companies, educational institutions and sport teams with unprecedented success and results.

Understand the different thinking dimensions of the brain and use your knowledge to guide companies and individuals in their decision making and strategic planning in this exciting business opportunity.

Bring value to your company by utilizing the exclusive NBI® (Neethling Brain Instruments) battery of instruments.

The NBI® battery of instruments is the world’s largest collection of thinking tools and consists of more than 25 instruments with application areas ranging from business leadership and strategic decision making to personal interests such as parenting and career planning.

The training is very practical and after completing the course, you will be able to administer the various instruments in any industry you choose.

The training offers an in depth look into the different quadrants of the brain, and teaches the techniques and skills necessary to consult others and analyse their thinking preferences which will lead to a more successful interpersonal interaction in organisations and is of crucial importance in any situation or industry.

Some of the Instruments include:
• NBI Adult Profile with the 8 Dimensional Profile
• NBI Teacher / Trainer Profile with the 8 Dimensional Profile
• NBI Junior and Senior Student Profile
• NBI Young Child Indicator
• NBI Skills Profile and NBI Job Profile
• NBI Creativity Profile
• NBI Leadership Profile
• NBI Learning Profile
• NBI Parenting Profile
• NBI Sport profiles for eg. Rugby, Rugby Referee, Soccer, Tennis & Golf