The NBI® Netball instrument identifies your ‘netball brain’. It gives insight into the way you prefer to think during the game, and will make you more aware of the thinking styles of fellow players.

Developing your game and making better decisions during key moments will lead to a better understanding and overall picture of the game.

The NBI® Netball profile measures thinking preferences, rather than the skills or abilities necessary to execute those preferences. It is therefore possible that you could have a very strong preference for playing with preciseness and accuracy, but may not have had the opportunity to develop all the skills to accomplish these goals. On the other hand, it is possible that you could have excellent skills and technique, but a low preference in the left side of the brain. This could lead to a rejection of the skills learned and a more risky approach to the game.

This instrument will give the individual player, the team and the coach amazing insight into the influence of the ‘thinking brain’ on individual and team performance.

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