A presentation for organizations on how to create a culture of creative thinking in their workplace


Candidates will be able to

• Define what creativity really is – and the myths that still surround the concept
• Recognize that creative thinking should be one of the most important elements of the 21st century organization
• Comprehend that creativity starts with a positive and courageous attitude
• Define the concept of Beyondness – and set goals to stretch from ‘ordinary’ to beyond
• Apply the skills of creative thinking
• Comprehend the advanced creative thinking concept of ‘Gapping’ – seeing the white spaces/ the gaps before others do
• Apply creative techniques to find ideas on how to shape a creative environment in the workplace


• Revisiting the concept of creativity. What is creativity? – definitions, myths and truths
• Why is a creative culture essential for organizations in the 21st century? A look at research and case studies to find the answers
• The link between attitude and creativity
• Creativity is stretching beyond – finding the uncreative and ordinary aspects of your organization and setting stretch goals towards creative excellence
• The skills of creative thinkers, including fluency, flexibility and originality and how to develop these
• Advanced creativity for the 21st century – GAPPING! Finding the gaps first to create success
• Shaping a creative environment in the workplace