• Identifying the essence of 21st Marketing and Selling
• To develop whole brain thinking skills and attitudes in order to create high performance sales teams
• To enhance sales and client service through understanding the unique brain preferences of clients and sales staff
• Changing sales habits in order to establish Beyonder excellence
• Understanding of your own 8-brain and the 8-brain of your colleagues and clients
• Understanding the Thinking preferences of Customers
• Gaining insights into Whole Brain Marketing and Selling Skills


• Profiling your own 8 Dimension Brain Report
• Gain insight into how whole-brain methodologiescan lead to successful selling/client service
• Stretch ideas and solutions from Ordinary to Beyond
• Anchoring the ‘Above the Line Model’ and ridding yourself and your organization of negative thinking
• Understanding and applying whole brain sales techniques
• Identify ‘bad selling and customer care’ habits (and transforming them)
• Understandingand applying how successful whole-brain habits can transform your business
• UsingWhole-brain thinking to becomethe no 1 in your field (AND SHARING YOUR BEYONDER STORIES)
• Applying whole brain marketing and/or sales skills:
• to market/sell the same offering to diverse markets
• to discover hidden opportunities
• to create & sustain a work environment which promotes creativity & innovation
• Developing your whole brain plan of action


• Sales teams ( Direct and Indirect)
• Marketing teams
• Advertising Teams
• Customer Service team
• Call Center teams