Practitioner's Training


It is a Whole Brain training course specifically aimed at equipping people to become practitioners of the NBI®. The hands-on course provides the necessary insight, knowledge, skills and techniques for applying the NBI® to individuals, groups, teams and classrooms, and to give guidance to adults and children.


It provides attendees a better understanding of thinking preferences, the brain quadrants and 8 dimensions of the brain to help them administer the various profile instruments.


The course costs include the meals, training, and materials and 10 Free Profiles (MRP INR 5000). Upon completion of the course, participants gain the right to act as practitioners of the NBI® after fulfilling all the requirements laid out as part of the Training and get tools for profiling and reporting.


We strongly recommend attendance of the course if you want to add to your professional qualifications in education or aspire to start your own consultation practice.


You will also receive ongoing support from the Solutionsfinding Office.


You will be able to draw and email/fax/deliver personalised reports to the clients and can also supply booklets along with the reports.


Book your seat at the next Practitioner Training course and gain the necessary skills, tools and qualification to act as an independent NBI® Practitioner.