1.NBI is based on scientific study.

Dr Kobus Neethling developed NBI based on the profiling of more than 200,000 adults and children from a number of countries. Ongoing research at a number of universities and institutes remains an essential part of whole brain science at present.

2.NBI is managed by world renowned experts.

Dr Neethling, acknowledged as one of 500 “Leaders of Influence” by the American Biographical Institute, leads NBI with unparalleled passion. What excites us more, is the global team of experts and practitioners that shares in this passion and have chosen to make NBI their own.

3.NBI is not a “new invention” or fad.

The principles that NBI is based on, was first discovered in the 60′s. What makes NBI successful is its ability to compile complex scientific measurements, collected over centuries, into simple observations that can enrich the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet.

4.NBI will not try to change you.

You are a unique human being, and what you have is perfect as it is. NBI will not upgrade you to a “better model”, but wishes to provide you with a user manual to better understand yourself and assist you in getting “the best mileage” out of the present model.

5.NBI will not measure right or wrong.

NBI doesn’t measure good or bad, nor success or failure. Taking our assessment will not reveal any negative secrets about you, and without even assessing you, we can provide you with a bit of inside knowledge: “There is absolutely nothing in you that can be described as bad, or will lead you to failure.”

6.NBI results can easily be implemented.

A huge amount of our time and effort was invested into developing NBI as a tool for everybody. We take pride in the fact that our manuals are stripped of any unnecessary “geekiness” and concepts that are difficult to understand.

7.NBI will benefit your business and personal life.

NBI do not wish to neglect any part of your human being. We provide relevant recommendations, for everything from your career to relationships and study patterns. We can even assist with the way you should play your sport or lose a few pounds for summer.

8.NBI measures thinking preference from an early age.

One of the biggest advantages of NBI is that our studies have evolved to include recommendations for children from as young as four years old. You do not have to wait to benefit from our assessments.

9.NBI respects your religious views.

NBI was developed to have the utmost respect for your beliefs and principles. We are proud to state that our assessments are stripped bare of everything that will go against your belief. We are scientists that measures scientific fact and share our findings with the world.

10.NBI assessments can be tailored to your budget.

NBI is not a tool for the privileged. The investment in our assessments starts as low as the price of a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. No matter your what income is, we want to share the benefit of our assessment with you.