ACRE 24 Conferences


Conferences provide the opportunity for practitioners, leaders, educators and private individuals to gain insight into several aspects of learning, education, creativity, leadership and whole brain thinking. With experts addressing the above and other topics, group discussions and interaction among conference attendees, open discussion and knowledge sharing are made possible.


The ACRE24 Conference to be hosted from 10 – 12 October 2018

The ACRE (International Creativity Conference in Africa) is an annual conference hosted by the South African Creativity Foundation. As one of the longest running and most renowned of its kind, the conference attracts highly respected creative thinkers as speakers. It serves as a platform for exploring innovative and radical creativity and how such will affect the future. It is a conference that opens up the potential of real world discussion on the topic of creativity.

People from all backgrounds attend – whether as business leaders, athletes, coaches, marketers or educators. It is an event for people who think of themselves as creative beings and leaders of such in their fields.

Several workshops of around 90 minutes each are presented, giving attendees hands-on experience and longer presentations and sessions of 3 hours for in-depth delving into topics, make it possible to discover new ideas and develop existing ones in full. With experts available for one-to-one discussions, the ACRE forms the perfect platform for intellectual and creative connection amongst speakers and attendees.